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Outdoor Pocket Folding Knife

Outdoor Pocket Folding Knife

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Overall length: 162mm
Blade length: 70.6mm
Blade thickness: 2.50mm
Blade material: 8Cr13Mov
Handle length: 91.4mm
Handle thickness: 13.00mm
Handle material: 420 stainless steel/G10
Product weight: 88.0g


1. The size of the product is manually measured, and there is a certain error;
2. Because the light and angle of the product are different, the picture display will have a certain color difference;
please refer to the actual product, thank you!



It has high hardness, corrosion resistance and cutting performance, and is often used to make cutting tools. Its carbon content is high, giving it good hardness and cutting performance.


420 stainless steel

It has the characteristics of certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, etc.


It has high strength, good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, etc.


Portable pocket clip

It can be placed in a pocket or hung on a backpack and carried with you; outdoors, the portable back clip can improve the mobility of the folding knife and can be picked up and used at will.


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